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Youngstock for sale born 2022 By Stepley Victorious. Pics below

Gelding DOB; 21/04/2022  SOLD

Sire; Stepley Victorious
Dam; Rushetts Highlight by [Gangsdown Bandit]

Standard Colt to make 40 – 41ins
Going to make a lovely in hand pony, in due course riding pony.

Well known for ponies that succeed in all disciplines

especially ridden and in hand. Fantastic temperaments.

We are semi retired so very few foals.

 2 or 3 maximum per annum for sale

At Equifest, evening performance August 2022

At Equifest, partnered with Lucie Dale.

NPS Area 20 2022. Isle of Mona Fflam [in foal for 2023]

NPS Area 20 2022. Cranford Filigree 2 year old filly

Youngstock for sale born 2021 By Stepley Victorious. pic below, top left


Stepley Victorious


COLT CR. HIJACK ex R. Highlight.  SOLD

FILLY CR. Fabulosa ex Cr Fantasia. retained

COLT CR. Finisterre ex Cr. Fidelis He is sold
and moves to his new home following castration in February.

youngstock for sale born 2019

 Cr. Flash Harry 



2020 foals BOTH Sold

Cranford FIDDLEDYDEE. b.2009. Many times champion under saddle and in hand. Seen here, July 2020 with Jack Dale, who grew to a young man 6'2'' but rode 'Fiddle' with great success. Now his sister Lucie, 7 years has the ride and doing great. See below.

SCROLL DOWN FOR 2018 ~ 2019

Occasionally, we have a top class ridden pony  for sale, though nothing at present



Mid January, riding after school in the last of the daylight, Lucie jumps Fiddledydee for the first time. 2 months before Lucie's 6th birthday!

L-R Ponies. Cr FANTASIA, Ch. Ridden pony Cr FANTASIA res ch.
Lucie Dale. Sally Ann Dale, Florence Taylor

Top row. Cr. Fantasia AND Hamish (Hawkdale Klansman) cR. Fantasia
2nd row. Cr. Fantasia. Hamish and finally Hamish. Golden Cross Spring Showing show

CHAMPION RIDDEN PONY. Cr Fantasia and Lucie Dale. Downs Gr

and Reserve Ch Cr. Fiddledydee and Florence Taylor

Cr Fantastic qualifying for Olympia Finals 'Grand National'

Cr Fiddledydee

Cr Fantasia

Cr Vision

Cr Hector. 20 years

Cr Flash Harry 2019


Cr. Hector/Florence Taylor, Res Supreme at Downs Group Show April

Winner first ridden at Heathfield and 2nd in Open Veteran same day

Winner. Unsung hero in middle, blue T SHIRT Kevin Whitmee. Joint owner/breeder

Winner lead rein, Heathfield. Cr. Fiddledydee/Lucie Dale

Having her first Show Side saddle at The POLEGROVE, Bexhill.

HOPING FOR SOME 'Air Frosts' next year. Debbie Barr's
Sir Galahad with our 4 mares.

Herts County. Cr Fireman, owned by  Sara Hird

Mandy Shepherd's Cranford Fantastic. blue shirt white stars, at Windsor.
Qualified yet again for Olympia 2018.

Cranford Vision  at 2018 Bsps Area 11- 2nd Open

Cranford Freddie's driving shows so far this season

2nd under 13.2 and winner of Concours d'Elegance Heathfield Show

2nd under 13.2 and winner of Concours d'Elegance ( The Ascot Trophy) South of England Show

1st under 13.2 Hickstead Derby Meeting

1st Mountain and Moorland, 1st Country Vehicle (under 13.2) (he came home with three trophies) British Driving Annual Show Smith's Lawn.


Cranford Fantasia, 4 years, champion Senior standard and Supreme Champion
Downs Group Show, pictured with Cr Fiddledydee 1st senior mare 9 years, reserve
senior champion standard pony, same show. Both mares out of same dam,
Isle of Mona Fringe. FANTASIA by Cranford Hector, one of his last crop before being
gelded, and FIDDLEDYDEE by a son of Hector, Cr Crunchy Munchy

Cranford Fantasia, 4 years, champion Senior standard and Supreme Champion
Downs Group Show. September 2018

Cranford HECTOR. ridden Champion and reserve supreme
Downs Group show


I'm not  huge fan of the SHETLAND Grand National, but I am aware that conducted properly, it gives youngsters exciting opportunities and can be good publicity showing the versatility of the breed, enhancing its reputation and further dispelling negative attitudes of the ever distant, dimmer past. Having said that, got to admit, one of a series of three 'flat' races, this one at Chepstow, by any standard, had an exciting finish. listen to the young jockey's post race interview. Confident, eloquent.

Cranford Fiddledydee. Champion ridden at Southern Group Autumn

Cranford Fantasia, 4 years, at her first show under saddle. SEWPCA at Merrist wood
first in NEWLY BROKEN lead rein and CHAMPION!

Cranford Fiddledydee and Cranford Hector, STARTING THEIR 2018!

our 6 year old newly broken Sec D Mare, broken schooled and ridden here by
Sally Ann Dale. ok, not a Shetland, but dead pleased anyway xx


some of the successful ponies  schooled by the Cranford. l-r. VISION,  HECTOR, CRUNCHY,  FANDABBYDOSEY, .

Cranford Fantastic, left, and Cr. Fandabbydosey, right, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show May 2017

The fabulous Fandabbydosey, leaves Cranford for her new life with ten year old Olive Nicholls in Lambourne. Ive had some memorable horses and ponies in my life, and for obvious reasons I never rode her, a few may have equalled her, but I don’t think any of the others brought me  more enjoyment than this grey mare. I’m sad to part with her, but she’s too good a pony to be ‘kicking her heels’ doing nothing, but I couldn’t be more delighted with her new home. Young Olive just got on, and rode her as though she’d ridden her loads. Oh the difference between a child that can ‘actually ride’ a schooled pony and one whose mum just thinks they can! Jack Dale rode her latterly for 4 years and enjoyed huge success and much fun, but Gabby Charlesworth  rode her,  as did Becka McCann, and even Sam Constantine, but it was Jack with his light  hands and his ‘sit quietly and leave it alone’ style that fared best. In fact he could gallop it around a course of jumps with nothing more than a headcollar. Fabracadabra, Fanny’s filly, is off hunting this weekend on and off the lead rein and we hope Jack’s sister, Lucie, will do lead rein next year. Following my PA Sarah into the hay barn yesterday, Sarah turned and took this photo. I’ll never forget her, but this picture just sums her up. Nosey !

Hector, as a stallion, here at Royal Windsor competing in an Olympia qualifier with Emily Grange 'up'

Cranford Hector, now gelded, with new owner 'Flossie' Taylor, 6 years, already enjoying success under saddle and young handlers. Equifest 2015 The best thing I ever did where our standard ponies are concerned, was to break them all to ride at 3-4 years ESPECIALLY stallions. Although he bred us some lovely stock with superb temperament, his ridden exploits were And here in the fancy dress class at the 2015 breed show at Ardingly. left to right, Jack Dale as 'wolf' Lucie as Red Riding Hood, mum, Sally as grandma and Kevin as 'woodman'
Confined to 'open' classes because of his stallion status. With hindsight, having his son  who bred us similar stock, only bigger, I should have 'cut' him years earlier and let him  loose on the lead rein and first ridden classes where his manners and way of going are excellent. I would strongly recommend, you break/school and ride your brood stock giving them a huge advantage with the extra string to their bow.